CHARACTERISTICS: It can have flat, oval or elongated shape, between 25 and 40 cm. of diameter and very variable weight. Its bark can be orange, yellow, red, greenish, white, black, purple or a mixture of various colors, and its pulp is usually orange or yellow. It is slightly insipid, although with a sweet and fruity touch.
CULINARY USES: Initially, the pumpkin was grown for the use of its seeds rather than to be consumed as a vegetable, but this habit was disappearing as varieties with more pulp and more fruity flavor emerged. The uses of pumpkin in the kitchen are diverse, since you can use it for the preparation of cakes, honeys or preserves, creams mixed with other ingredients, to create dishes of fusion cuisine, accompaniments -such as purées or roasted pumpkin-, and even to thicken broths.
COMMON NAME: Pumpkin |  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cucurbita |  ORIGIN: South Asia |  FAMILY: Cucurbitaceae

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