The Zaragoza brand is synonymous with quality and freshness in many European markets

Hierbas Zaragoza has been in the fruit and vegetable sector for more than 30 years, 13 of them dedicated to the cultivation, harvest and sale of aromatic herbs. Our brand has positioned itself in numerous European markets and is a guarantee of freshness, flavor and quality thanks to our own production on request and without storage in cameras.

We have a Vacoom Cooling for a fast and homogeneous cooling of all our herbs at 3 ºC, which allows us to offer a product of the highest quality. In addition, our GLOBALGAP certification guarantees that all our products comply with the established levels of quality and safety, and that they have been developed following criteria of sustainability, respecting the safety, hygiene and welfare of workers, the environment and respect for animals.

At Hierbas Zaragoza we bring flavor and freshness directly from the field to your table.

Why choose our products?

We cultivate, harvest and sell always on request, guaranteeing the greatest freshness
It differentiates us something fundamental: all our products are self-produced
Our Vacoom Cooling
provides a perfect cooling at 3ºC
of all of our herbs
Our GlobalGap certification guarantees all levels of
quality and safety