CHARACTERISTICS: The flat parsley is a plant of straight and ascending stems, between 20 and 60cm., With smooth leaves very divided and aromatic. It has a strong flavor and soft aroma. Curly parsley is a variety of parsley that produces beautiful bright green and very curly leaves. It has a crunchy texture and a softer and sweeter flavor than that of the flat parsley variety.
CULINARY USES: Parsley is one of the most used herbs in the kitchen. While the smooth leaves are more aromatic and are used, above all, to dress vegetables and potatoes, soups and stews, meat and fish, the curly leaves are usually used especially as decoration. The fried curly leaf parsley combines perfectly with fritters: you only have to introduce it for a few seconds in very hot oil, let the oil drain and season it with salt.
COMMON NAME: Flat/curley parsley |  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Petroselinum hortense/crispum |  ORIGIN: Mediterranean |  FAMILY: Apiaceae

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